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RS232SendWaitfor. exe is a Serial Communication Utility that...

RS232SendWaitfor. exe is a Serial Communication Utility that sends any string over the serial port and waits for a response for the specified number of milliseconds.

It returns an error code denoting success or failure. The returned error code may be queried by a command (batch) file or from an application that spawns the utility.

Example Usage:RS232SendWaitfor -b9600 COM1 2000 "AT\r" "OK\r"The above example can be used to detect a modem on a COM port.

The example in the command file in the product documentation below shows how the error level can be queried to see if it was successful or not.

Specifications:Compatible with Windows 7,Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NTCompatible with any COM port including USB/Serial adapters, Bluetooth/Serial Adapters, Ethernet/Serial Adapters as long as the export the COM interfaceCan be a command/batch fileCan be spawned from any applicationReturns error code that may be queried.

Possible Usage:Query for the presence of a mode. Query for the presence of equipmentSend commands to equipments like lathes and other CNC machines.

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RS232SendWaitfor 1

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